Monday, May 11, 2015

As it turns out Zoe died Easter Sunday. She had a good Saturday, as we hauled her around with us for chores but it might have been what killed her. She gave us a scare back in November, and it took some work to bring her back from the edge. I knew her for about 10 of her 14 years, and while not the smartest, she was trainable. Oh--she was beautiful til the end.

We had another dog that lived with Zoe for about ten years, Sophie. She was a Rottie/Lab mix rescue and we had to put her down a few years ago. Zoe was kind of lost without her but she managed.

When Sophie left we knew we ought to be looking for replacements, as these large breed dogs rarely get to 12 years without problems but we had been blessed with both.

We miss them both, and sometimes hear their paws on the hardwoods at night.

So this last weekend we were off to Colton Oregon to pickup a puppy as we are dogless at the moment which just isn't right.

And here he is.  He needed a paper name that started with a "K" for his litter. We decided on Kuda but really didn't know what his name was going to be. Kuda was one of Gary Grahams bulls that we did some research on at one point. Kuda, according to the interwebs means horse in several languages. Once we got him home we thought quite a bit about it but nothing was really sticking. Then we needed to introduce him to some of the neighbors but that was awkward. Oh we don't know what his name is yet... And then we would be bombarded with suggestions which would make the situation worse. So we decided to go with the paper name Kuda and it is fitting.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ahh... A blog?

Perhaps just what the doctor ordered. We'll see. Thoughts to print, on a regular schedule. Cool concept, but in our world probably not too practical. But we'll give it a shot. 

Spring is here--we think--and we are preparing for this years breeding. Wax poetic?

The rain has been crazy, and the mud is deep
The semen is in the can, and the AI tech is cheap

After the cows we chase, with lutalyse
Oh look honey, there's cow shit on your face

The remaining pregnant ladies have such charm
But they cower at the sight of Alyssa's gloved arm

The bulls don't care, they'll cover their mothers
The yearling steers envy their intact brothers

Noodle fatigue...

Hopefully, we'll occasionally post updates to our endeavors here.