Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ahh... A blog?

Perhaps just what the doctor ordered. We'll see. Thoughts to print, on a regular schedule. Cool concept, but in our world probably not too practical. But we'll give it a shot. 

Spring is here--we think--and we are preparing for this years breeding. Wax poetic?

The rain has been crazy, and the mud is deep
The semen is in the can, and the AI tech is cheap

After the cows we chase, with lutalyse
Oh look honey, there's cow shit on your face

The remaining pregnant ladies have such charm
But they cower at the sight of Alyssa's gloved arm

The bulls don't care, they'll cover their mothers
The yearling steers envy their intact brothers

Noodle fatigue...

Hopefully, we'll occasionally post updates to our endeavors here.

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